DG Forge has been dedicated to the design, forging and fabrication of unique functional metalwork and metal art since 1985. Dereck Glaser; owner and operator began his journey into the artistic metalsmithing field at 14 years of age through an unconventional apprenticeship. Now, after more than 25 years of his pursuit, the array of distinctive commissions and artistic characteristics of Dereck's mastery are in full bloom. Anchored to his European roots of traditional hand forged work in conjunction with today's metalsmithing technology, Dereck's architectural work displays a rich design element blended with interesting contemporary details. While functional metal art remains a focal point, Dereck also pursues his more passionate interests of custom bladesmithing and metal sculpture as a means to grow his full metalsmithing range of abilities.

DG Forge offers a wide selection and capability of interior and exterior architectural work as well as furnishings, lighting, home accessories and gallery quality sculpture in steel, bronze and aluminum. Dereck is dedicated to each custom commission he designs and executes as a personal reflection of himself for his client; only the most sincere processes and commitment to quality will do. A complete professional perspective is given to every job from drawing and design, site and client meetings through installation.



65 Winthrop Center Road - Winthrop, ME 04364