Producing architectural work is the foundation of my training and income. I have focused on a traditional blacksmith’s perspective in this area rather than taking a fabrication based method. There is a far greater satisfaction to myself and my customers knowing that each aspect of the job is designed and created by hand rather than using mass-produced items as most shops do today.

My forge work is defined by its processes and reflects a traditional aesthetic of European metalwork. I have studied several of the greatest European smiths and translated the tried and true design methods into my own work.
The majority of my Journeymenship was spent in architectural shops, producing gates, railings, fencing, balconies, door grilles, window grilles, trellises, arbors and brackets in all imaginable size and style.

Each and every commission is an individual interaction between myself and the client. I take significant time to discuss and design within any parameters there may be. Drawings, models, samples and finishes are all a common part of developing a finished product of heirloom quality. I also often document and produce slide presentations for clients on significant jobs, allowing the client to reflect back on the processes and efforts that went into their project.
Please feel free to contact me with any request, no jobs are too small. My portfolio is far larger than can be reflected through this site, so I can often present images of other types of work upon request.