Since about 1982 or so, bladesmithing has been the underlying force in my pursuit of the metalsmithing craft. As a young boy intrigued with knights and armour, my trusty pocket knife was the root of my reality, that being said I have been drawn to the inner workings and outer aesthetics of all sorts of blades, weather they be long, short, axes or chisels.
Bladesmithing is with out any doubt, the pinnacle of skill that a metalsmith can display. It involves significant artistic skill of 3-D art using color, texture, shape, line and tactile sense. The highest levels of metallurgy; forging and metalworking skills are essential in producing a blade that is truly sound and reliable in use and function. It requires a heightened knowledge of several different materials besides steel; bone, wood, horn, plastics, many non-ferrous metals, fiber, wire, shell, stone as well as adhesives, dyes and finishing agents. Add into this the maker’s ability to understand the blades function and use in order to perfect its design and the tolerances of several parts which produce the whole tool.

Pursuing bladesmithing is the greatest challenge I have faced in my 28 years of metalsmithing; the design, fit, finish and utility are all based on the mastery of metal; to perform and be relied upon for generations is one of my most exciting endeavors. All of my knives are produced with sole authorship, from design to final honed edge, I produce speculative knives as well as taking private and purposeful commissions. Feel free to contact me to discuss having your own blade made.