Dereck Glaser started blacksmithing at the age of fourteen driven by his fascination in the medieval metalwork. Once he reached his late teens, Dereck was able to begin working in some of the shops in the Cincinnati area. Throughout his college career, Dereck pursued metalworking of all forms; he earned a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Art Education and a minor in Art and Erath Science from Ohio University. Upon graduating from college, Dereck began a self directed journey-menship which led him throughout the eastern half of the United States; securing positions as manger of, or head blacksmith at reputable metalworking shops from 1990 - 1997. In 1996, Dereck was awarded the People’s Choice Award at the biennial Artist Blacksmith’s Association of North America Conference in Alfred New York. Dereck has taught and demonstrated through out the Eastern United States for craft schools and various regional blacksmithing groups. His work reflects a sincere approach to working with metals and emphasizes the methods and reasoning behind joinery and the design aspects dictated by the limits and characteristics of the material. With the birth of his first child in 1997, Dereck found the dream Industrial Arts position in Winthrop Maine where he relocated to and re-established his studio, DG Forge. In 2000 Dereck started the New England School of Metalwork in Auburn, Maine where he is the Metalsmithing Program Director, Administrative Director and the resident blacksmithing instructor. Now in his forties, Dereck continues to operate his own studio at home where he exercises his talents of artistic metalworking. Dereck pursues custom architectural and interior commissions as well as one of a kind and limited series of hand forged sculpture and custom blades.